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Are you ready to exceed your own expectations and reach peak performance? Come join A5, where our relentless motivation will empower you to reach your full potential. Strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and take control of your athletic journey. Ditch the JV mindset and go straight for the Varsity and College leagues – with A5, you can reach heights you never thought possible. Together, let's rediscover what it means to be POWERFUL. Try us out today – it's FREE!

The A5 Hierarchy

What Does a5 Stand For?

FLEXIBILITY: Flexibility helps improve range of motion, reduce the risk of injury, and increase performance in day to day tasks.
MOBILITY: Mobility is important for creating healthy and efficient movement patterns, as well as building a strong foundation for physical activity.
STRENGTH - BALANCE: Strength and balance helps improve overall musculoskeletal health, posture, and gives the athlete capacity to do more in their specific sport.
WORK-REST: Work-rest cycles helps keep training productive and gives our bodies the time to rest and recover efficiently.
SKILL: Skill development helps the Athlete become more proficient and efficient in performing physical tasks.

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Maximize your athletic potential and take your sports performance to the next level. Our expert coaches have designed programs to help athletes in any sport make huge leaps in development. Plus, many programs are transferable and can be adapted to athletes looking to improve their skills in multiple sports!



It's never to early to get your kids started on the right direction with their health and fitness! Let's learn how to run, jump, and get strong but why not learn how to eat right in the process?

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Are you content with settling or setting a new record?You can either settle with mediocrity or challenge yourself to greatness. If you’re sick of being left behind, now is the time to do something about it.Why not come in for a Free Consultation and see what we can do for you?


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